When I decided to learn to spin, I bought a book with the basic explications and got ready for some tutorial research. And then, I stopped. And I got aware that there was a situation, where I did not know anything about the craft I was going to learn. This was so new, so exciting, as I got the possibility to discover something on my own. I would not look up how to draft, but just try and let the wool tell me what to do. I would ply as I thought I should do it, and as long as I got wool, well, it was good. And Navajo-plying, three strands with one loop, well, I just went for it when one of my two plies was shorter than the other.

When do we get the occasion to really discover something for ourselves being an adult? There is information, explication, illustration, advice everywhere. So I just shut the windows, books and ears and tried to find out the hard way. What a delivery! And it may be the best way to discover new ways of doing something, because nobody will tell you that it is impossible or incorrect šŸ™‚

My 2-ply from a very funky (“Esoteric”) batt from Material whirled:


I call it Blitz-Glitz, because there is some beautiful glitz in it and once I started to spin it, I just couldn’t stop, so it went really blitzschnell (quick as a lightning).




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