It’s been quite a while since I finished spinning my first Spunky-shipment.


I made two 2-ply and one 3-ply skeins.  I will use them to knit a hoody in blue and brown with using the handspun to set some accents.

I already started with the 3-ply, which is used as a front-pocket:


I actually already have reconnected the pocket to the front. It was such a pleasure to knit my first real handspun! The rather irregular texture, the colour changes, the softness of the merino… just can’t get enough.



I call it “Twi-Delight”,  because the colourway was named “Twilight”, and, well, delight there has been to work with…

Then there has been a surprise release in the spring Knitty, and I really want to knit this pattern, the “Target practice” sock, with this yarn (Fly Designs Lace Wing Socks in the Fire-colourway):


I think I won’t have trouble finding the target.



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