Cruising along

I made some progress on my quiltalong-blocks.

Block 34 Paintboxquiltalong

I like this print a lot, the colours are very tender and work perfectly with the solid.

I was looking for an idea for a yoga blanket when I stumbled upon this quiltalong. The perfect occasion to get me going. Initially I only wanted to use fabric from my stash, but who was I kidding? I found some wonderful prints and solids at 50% off. Curiously, there were some colour combinations which instantly inspired me for other quilts. Not very long ago, I would have started the other designs right away, pretending to honour the inspiration. But now I tried something new (new to me, besides that nothing groundbreaking here). I took notes, detailed notes with plenty of sketches and annotations, and will get to them after finishing my current projects.

I never really wrote a journal, I don’t document my life. This is why I have problems to keep my blog up to date, to chronicle my creations. I’m simply not used to it. But I really want to be able to get back and check things after a week, a month or even a year. And I appreciate the occasion to learn from others. So I see this as a sort of sport, where I struggle to get my daily run, where the weight lifting is still awkward and where the cardio training is replaced by a cup of hot tea.

Journaling my inspirations rather than tackling them at once hence shall help me to show the procrastinator its way to oblivion.

Famous antepenultimate words 😉


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