More Pr-owl-gress

I successfully free-motion-quilted the owls. Anticipating my own bad memory capacities I’ll document what I did step by step (I might miss some though):

Making the sandwich:

On the whole:

The quilting thread, Madeira Cotona:

Finished quilting:

The back, a bit wobbly:

Corner preparation:

This fabric is simply fabulous and funny:

Cut and ironed corners:

That’s where the border is supposed to be attached:

I won’t do a binding, just fold the back fabric over and sew it to the patchwork. I already did this last year for some summer blankets I made for my children. It is fast, easy and non-fuss. Just what I need to keep the rhythm going.

And now for something totally unrelated: I made earrings for a friend who ordered them matching a necklace she had purchased from me some time ago:

I so love it when the crafting mojo is intact!


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