Knitting my stash up

I’ve got a plan. A big one. So big, that in general, I would be disheartened right away. But, it starts with something I won’t do any longer. Not doing something can be hard, too, especially if you did it because it was comforting, rewarding, soothing. Which it was, all three of them.


I won’t buy yarn any longer. Nor will I purchase spinning fibre or any other materiel related to knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning…

Not concerned: notions, gifts and when my children ask me to knit something for them. Knit Nation 2011, if I get the possibility to attend. My sewing.

But this is not my goal. This is the way to achieve it. My goal is to work up my entire stash. I have not yet SABLEd (statsh acquisition beyond life expectancy), so there is hope. I have reached a point, where purchasing yarn was really more therapy than pleasure, and I actually got sick of it. All those wonderful, wonderful yarns, and I never touched them again, once they were horded in my closet.

I took up spinning, too, so there is a lot of wonderful fibre waiting to be loved and transformed. Furthermore I bought a rigid heddle loom, because I knew that knitting up all that handspun-to-be could be too challenging, as often there will only be small quantities of one type of yarn, and apart from scarves, I’m not very much into accessories.


I will work up my entire stash of sweater yarn, sock yarn, handspun, fibre until nothing coherent is possible anymore. And I’m looking forward to it, I’m so excited. At the same time, I will tackle all those WIPs (work in progress) and UFOs (unfinished objects), which are hovering over my conscience.


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