So. To tackle my big decision, I’ll do some organizing.

When I look at all my beautiful yarn, I’m very often overwhelmed by all these possibilities, and for fear to not find the perfect project, I don’t start anything with it. Which is a waste, isn’t it?

I have decided to attribute a design to every yarn I have. I’ll totally have the right to change the chosen pattern, but every yarn has to have a little bag with a nice garment project in it.

I’ll take pictures of all those will-be beauties, and it will be the carrot to keep the donkey going. And there is another reward. I just found out that someone whose designs I love a lot, has launched his own yarn. In colours I have been searching for a long time. Heathered, tweed-like colours. Beautiful yarn. Instead of regretting that I won’t be able to purchase his yarn, this will be the aim I’m working towards. At the end of my work-up, I’ll have the right to purchase a big box of this perfect skeins. I’m confident that at that moment his yarn will still be on the market 🙂

I’m so looking forward to it!


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