Since last time

… there has been mainly gift and accessories knitting.

At KnitNation, I had purchased some mulberry silk from Juno Fibre Arts:

I managed to spin it very, very fine and got about 270m of 2-ply from just 50g of fibre.


I designed a simple triangular shawl for my mother with it:

There is no evidence of the finished piece, as I forgot to take a picture…

Furthermore, I span the “Selfish” colourway from a Spunky Fibre Club installement. It will be used for a shawl for my MIL.

The biggest (and cutest) project went to friends, who welcomed a baby girl at the end of decembre. I discovered Woolly Thoughts and their mathematical knitting some time ago, and fell for this wonderful baby blanket (the border is plum, not black):

It was very well received 🙂

A hat was born as well:

When blocking it, I discovered that my head has the same size as our salad bowl 😉

I span some BFL and Merino I got from stefknits for it and knit it directly from the bobbin. The design is The Purlaway Hat from Bluegirl Knits.

There was a break from my knitting from stash, as Christmas brought some yarn and fibre enhancement. Showing off will have to wait for the next blog post 😉




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