Garter stitch pleasure

I’m knitting this at the moment:

There is such a soothing rhythm in the simple pleasure of knitting one stitch after the other, without focusing, which leaves a lot of possibilities to let the thinking take its own path.

I’ve veered off my stop-stash-enhancement.  Not buying any fibre for some months has taught me a lot about the reasons why I purchase. There is certainly retail therapy involved, and it was helpful to shop only in my wardrobe (as this is where the yarn part is hiding). I actually rediscovered the pleasure to look at a yarn and link it to a project. The hardest part was to decide to USE it, to be ready to not wait for the perfect pattern, as this prevented me from using it at all. But, at the same time it became clear, that I love having the choice to chose; I’m not a one pattern one yarn person. So I’ve (re)turned to looking at bargains and sales, but with a list of conditions a yarn has to fulfill to enter my stash.

There was another reason why I indulged a bit in yarn acquisition: I won’t go to Knit Nation this year, as we will be moving in July. If everything wents well, there will be a dedicated working space in the not so far future for me!

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