Coup de foudre

Every once in a time, there is a project that I have to tackle most urgently, because I love it so much. When I read on this blog that this design would be available as a simple pdf and not only as a kit, the passion was immediate. There is some turquoise DMC floss I have been wanting to use since a very long time, and this ABC is just perfect for it.

The fabric is a light gray evenweave, which makes embroidering even curves a little bit tricky, as the threads are rather thick. I don’t want to stitch in the threads to get smooth borders, so I try to even it out in the best possible way; I don’t mind, anyway.



It was a great pleasure to chose the colours and dive into my large stash, reminiscent from my work in a shop which was all about cross stitch and knitting.


Nuances are matched as I go; I definitely do not like planning ahead, but rather lay out bobbins until it matches my liking and the eye agrees.


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