Spinning and boxes

With all the packing that is going on, I achieved to finish spinning some yarn that I started while looking for new fibres to work with.

Merino was my go-to fibre in my debut times, but in recent days, I surprised myself by finding it annoying to spin with this easy fibre. There is no resistance when you draft it while spinning, a fact that made me un-appreciate silk after loving it for the fine singles I was able to work from it.

So I purchased a variety of sheep hair to get to know other qualities. Part of it was some Spunky Eclectic Targhee in the Tie Dye colourway. It’s a rather long fibre, which opposes a little more character while being drafted. To this I added Spunky Club from March 2011, Organic Merino in Little Periwinkle and a simple all black merino. The club fibre was purchased at a destash on Ravelry, at the moment I’m just member of the weaving club.

The yarn reminds me of church windows, so I called it “Vitrail”, which is french for “stained glass window”. Even my husband thought of it, too, when he saw it for the first time.



I count the tours I wind on the Niddy Noddy and then mark it on a plastic crochet ring, attaching the latter to the skein. After the bath I check the skein’s perimetre and calculate the yardage. I’ve got three skeins with roughly 600m of yarn. It’ll have to wait until autumn before being used, I think.

My most important WIP: boxes. (I’m at number 39 with boxes marked “books”. And it’s not finished yet šŸ™‚ )


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