A lot of things

Moving was a very interesting experience. When our friends came over to help us and we started to fill the boxes (after the almost 70 boxes I already had packed, mainly with books), I had a weak moment and apologized once and for all for the state of our appartement. I really got to wonder why there were so much things. It took two days to move all the big affairs, and I spent two days cleaning, sorting out the last small bumps of our former live. There was a moment where I sincerely thought that it would never end. I sat on the floor in our former living room, several stacks of things nicely aligned (I could not get around to believe that those things could depress me so much), and felt like those women who get the impression that they will be pregnant forever, that the baby will never come out. I felt eternely pregnant with my past hording.

For the time being, we live with my parents-in-law, waiting for an appartment for them to be arranged, so that we can take their house full of stairs, hard on ageing knees. We chose this option, as it implies changing schools, and my daughter is in “college” now, so I wanted her to already be with those she will be frequenting later.

That means that we compressed our appartment into two rooms and a cellar. That did not lessen the crowded effect, as you can imagine. Some moments are rather difficult… One has to focus on the future in that case!

I have some things to keep me sane:

A new club from FatCatKnits, Mixed Fibre Blessings:

September BFL

Once spun, it became this beauty:

For skeins 2-ply, one with both plies from the blue roving, two skeins with one ply from the green and one from the blue roving, and one skein with two green plies. One of these plies was finished with a bit of dark teal merino roving, as I wanted to finish the other bobbin completely.

I started to knit at once:



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