After test knitting this beautiful shawl, I initially wanted to keep it, but it really is the perfect Christmas gift for my mother:


Furthermore I wove a scarf with the same yarn:

My mother loves to wear matching colours with her husband, so a second Christmas gift was easily found.

The yarn used is Mirasol Nuna, a silk/ wool/ bamboo blend. What a beautiful drape it has! I purchased this yarn some years ago, and never found a pattern I wanted to try with it. But after having used it for these two accessories, I’m so much in love with it, that I ordered more of it in a grey colourway.

The yardage is fabulous (175m for 50g), the knitted fabric is very soft, shiny and drapes like a gentle breeze. It blocks great, there is not much pinning needed. The yarn bleeded a bit while soaking, though.

When being woven, it behaved very differently from pure wool yarn. The sides drew much more in, even still on the weaving frame. Beating is very easy, as the strings don’t stick to each other at all. It held well enough though to be sewn without hem stitching (I took the scarf directly from the weaving frame to the sewing machine).

A pleasure to work with!


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