North Ronaldsay II

Early this morning I could not find any more sleep, so I got up and n-plied yesterday’s single. My Joy spinning wheel has a built in Lazy Kate, which I used for my bobbin. Not a good idea with this yarn. As the single is fed at an angle, there is much abrasion and difficulty to get it from the bobbin. This puts much strain on the fibre, and the first meters, where I still had spun at ratio 8, did not survive this treatment and were torn apart systematically. I finished by putting them aside.

The resulting 3-ply is a little bit overspun, but this will be set after a good bath, I think. The yarn is not extremely soft, but it passed the neck-test nevertheless.

Then I started to spin the second batch. After drafting, I began at ratio 11, but the single had difficulties to take the fibre in; I had to help a lot. As I had heard of wool having a “sense”, as there are scales, and they open in one direction and close in the other, I finished by spinning from the other end. And, indeed, in went more smoothly.

Family life resumes now, as I have to pick up my daughter from her flute lesson.


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