Variegated Merino

The North Ronaldsay is plied and skeined; I’ll do one big soak session when I’ll have some more yarn ready. I subscribed to three clubs this year: two fibre clubs, one from Spunky Eclectic and one from FatCatKnits, and the Spunky Weaving Club. While waiting for the january arrivals, I’ll spin the november Mixed Blessings club: variegated grey merino, 5 oz undyed and 5 oz in beautiful bright colours of pink, violet, blue and orange.

There is a strange story connected to this fibre. The day it arrived in the mailbox, my son had a rather bizarre experience with one of his friends. This friend said some very unexpected things. It all worked out well in the end; I discussed with his parents and it was more a case of copying stupidly some mean children rather than being mean himself. It made me nevertheless live some tense moments; so when the package arrived, I just took the fibre, tore it apart and started spinning a big, fat, unorganized single while muttering about incomprehension and strange things. The yarn then got rudely n-plied and skeined away to be used or not. That was therapeutic spinning! The merino’s softness comforted me a lot, and the bright colours eased the dark thoughts.

Luckily this episode did not claim the whole 10 oz, so I can happily work on the rest now. I pulled the different colours apart and will spin them separately. I started with the pink one (that’s what I got the least of). I wanted to try a real 3-ply; so I span the whole fibre, weighed it, and (tried) to get three equal centre pull balls. Somewhere on the road my digital balance lost its balance, and there was quite a lot left over of one ball. So the pink is 3-ply and n-ply…

Will turn to the predrafted blue now!

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