I joined a stashbuster group on Ravelry. For some reasons (for which I’ll write an entire post apart) I had to go through a lot of organising. I hate deadlines, and at the same time I’m best when I’m working towards them. I’ve chosen different fibre tasks to finish:

  • Finish Tartan

The beautiful fabric from my last post waits to be sewn into a tunic.

  • Finish Red Fruit Juice

I’d spun some lovely yarn with Spunky Eclectic and Shunklies fibres (needs a post on its own).  I’ve chosen a simple Raglan top-down for it and am more than half-way done.

  • Finish Through The Loops Mystery Socks 2012

I’m hardly any further than shown in the photo:

  • Finish my snuggly winter sweater I started two years ago and miss every time it’s cold, because I think it will be the perfect garment to be cozied up in on a frosty day:

  • Start and finish Wingspan, because this seems really fun.
  • Finish spinning my first Hunger Games fibre, “How I See Katniss” (needs blog post)
  • Knit mittens from the Spunky Ronaldsay
  • Spin Spunky Instanbul Sunset, South African Fine (I love this fibre!)
  • Spin BeeMiceElf March 2010 club, “Around The Mulberry” (blog post to follow)
  • Finish the first 2012 Spunky Weaving Club
  • Start and finish another Spunky Weaving Club, substituting one club fibre with Spunky handspun
  • Finish knitting “Natural
  • Finish knitting “Houndsteeth gritting” (post needed)
  • Finish Twi-Delight (needs some words)

I already finished two pair of socks which really needed just some stitching, and I hope that the motivation will be flowing a bit longer than just for a couple of days. The official stashdown ends May 4th…


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