Three tasks finished

There we have it. Three long lasting WIPs finished!

15 years is too long 2

The Caterina Pullover. The neckband, as stated in the pattern, was much too large. I redid the math, and finished by calculating everything else on my own, too. A pity for a pattern I’ve payed for…

Nothing compares to it 3

Aidez. I knit the garment with a finer yarn, hence had to do the math, too. But this time it was on purpose 🙂 The yarn I used, Mirasol Cotanani, is half cotton, half wool. It is a pleasure to knit with, but after washing, it gets some woolen fuzz all over it, which I do not like particularly. I’ve already had this experience with the Noro Matsuri, and shall remember not to buy a yarn with this composition again.

Natural 2

Corinne. Knit from side to side, all garter stitch. Lovely pattern, a delight to knit. I started it four years ago, how ridiculous is that? As I have 3.8 skeins of the yarn left and I don’t want to knit something else with it, I’ll probably lengthen the sleeves and the back, to use up all of it. Oh, and the yarn, Bergereine by Bergère de France, is half cotton, half wool, too 😉

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