Three tasks finished

There we have it. Three long lasting WIPs finished!

15 years is too long 2

The Caterina Pullover. The neckband, as stated in the pattern, was much too large. I redid the math, and finished by calculating everything else on my own, too. A pity for a pattern I’ve payed for…

Nothing compares to it 3

Aidez. I knit the garment with a finer yarn, hence had to do the math, too. But this time it was on purpose ๐Ÿ™‚ The yarn I used, Mirasol Cotanani, is half cotton, half wool. It is a pleasure to knit with, but after washing, it gets some woolen fuzz all over it, which I do not like particularly. I’ve already had this experience with the Noro Matsuri, and shall remember not to buy a yarn with this composition again.

Natural 2

Corinne. Knit from side to side, all garter stitch. Lovely pattern, a delight to knit. I started it four years ago, how ridiculous is that? As I have 3.8 skeins of the yarn left and I don’t want to knit something else with it, I’ll probably lengthen the sleeves and the back, to use up all of it. Oh, and the yarn, Bergereine by Bergรจre de France, is half cotton, half wool, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lists don’t work for me, three tasks do

I could be quite productive, but only in bouts. I’d let the work accumulate, and then, in a big effort, I sacrified a day to dismantle the mountain.ย  This was very tiring, as it left me with this constant bad consciousness, this nagging knowledge of things that had to be done.

Some weeks ago, I was preparing for a spinning demonstration, and a journalist, who was to write about the event, asked me (while being already sure about the answer she’d receive and the article she’d write): “Oh, you’ll do it in a traditional costume, won’t you?”

Um, no. I’m a person of my period. Tradition is good and it is important to keep it alive, but traditional hobbies know how to adapt, too. And that triggered some unknown roaring honour in me. In an, for my old habits, absolute unthinkable time lapse I span 4oz of wool and wove that into a chic scarf, worn with pride and modern clothing.

There I had it. The proof. Just do it. Three words, very easy to say, but essentially, it just gets down to them, precisely. Just do it. You can. Just focus. Focus. Focus is my new mantra.

Making lists didn’t work for me. I would cross out some tasks, but never get to the end.

Now I finally have understood how I work. Put yourself three tasks in your head, let them fill your entire thinking, and focus. And I produce. And I finish. And, most importantly, I reward myself with things I really desire. Just do it.

Now, while finishing brilliantly my new tasks, I just have to dismount at the same time the Everest of ancient work ethic induced piles ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas Knitting

Ysolda published a collection called ‘Knitworthy’. My BF, who moved to Bristol for three years, and her family deserve this attribute. I’ve finished a scarf, am knitting on a hat from Ysolda’s collection, and plan to make a cowl and some slippers. Must finish til the 10th, for it to be ready to be shipped in time.

The weather has been extremely rainy for several weeks now, good photos are rare. I have been spinning a lot and will finally use up some of that handspun.

Since my son’s death, live has changed so much. I am deep in a personal transformation, hoping it will be for the better.

Spinning and boxes

With all the packing that is going on, I achieved to finish spinning some yarn that I started while looking for new fibres to work with.

Merino was my go-to fibre in my debut times, but in recent days, I surprised myself by finding it annoying to spin with this easy fibre. There is no resistance when you draft it while spinning, a fact that made me un-appreciate silk after loving it for the fine singles I was able to work from it.

So I purchased a variety of sheep hair to get to know other qualities. Part of it was some Spunky Eclectic Targhee in the Tie Dye colourway. It’s a rather long fibre, which opposes a little more character while being drafted. To this I added Spunky Club from March 2011, Organic Merino in Little Periwinkle and a simple all black merino. The club fibre was purchased at a destash on Ravelry, at the moment I’m just member of the weaving club.

The yarn reminds me of church windows, so I called it “Vitrail”, which is french for “stained glass window”. Even my husband thought of it, too, when he saw it for the first time.



I count the tours I wind on the Niddy Noddy and then mark it on a plastic crochet ring, attaching the latter to the skein. After the bath I check the skein’s perimetre and calculate the yardage. I’ve got three skeins with roughly 600m of yarn. It’ll have to wait until autumn before being used, I think.

My most important WIP: boxes. (I’m at number 39 with boxes marked “books”. And it’s not finished yet ๐Ÿ™‚ )


After a week of flu, sneezing, coughing and general not-well-being my children are back to school, my husband is back to work and it is raining. I love this ambiance, in my region in France it does not rain very very often, so I am in osmosis with a time which seems to be suspended, a certain melancholy is floating in the air, I’m listening to Chaz Knapp, someone I discovered via PostSecret, his music was used for the video.

These are moments most precious for me, because, as an introvert, this is my plug to regain energy, to calm down after hectic days. And it is always followed by regained inspiration for creation.