More Pr-owl-gress

I successfully free-motion-quilted the owls. Anticipating my own bad memory capacities I’ll document what I did step by step (I might miss some though):

Making the sandwich:

On the whole:

The quilting thread, Madeira Cotona:

Finished quilting:

The back, a bit wobbly:

Corner preparation:

This fabric is simply fabulous and funny:

Cut and ironed corners:

That’s where the border is supposed to be attached:

I won’t do a binding, just fold the back fabric over and sew it to the patchwork. I already did this last year for some summer blankets I made for my children. It is fast, easy and non-fuss. Just what I need to keep the rhythm going.

And now for something totally unrelated: I made earrings for a friend who ordered them matching a necklace she had purchased from me some time ago:

I so love it when the crafting mojo is intact!


Sashing was done:

On the whole:

Not everyone was pleased:

I do not approve your colour choice

Neither was this one:

Don't you dare calling me cuty-pie again!


I finished the paintboxquilt’s top. Look:

On the whole:

Before quiltinq it in freemotion, I want to exercice a bit, so I quickly pieced these cute blocks:

They are my Sudok-owls. Just as in the number version, every colour appears only once in every row and every coloumn. The sashing will be grass-green, I’m just working on it this morning.

This and that

My children were on winter holiday and we all caught a stomach bug. Additionally, I had some dry paper work to finish.

I did nevertheless make a lot of progress on my quiltalong. As potato chips, I just had to continue to sew these coloured stripes together. What a pleasure. I noticed that I’m a “phase-worker”. I have my knitting-phase, then there is nothing else than jewellery, then the quilting takes over… this is not very practical for finishing, but it is handy for some great moments of total immersion. Nevertheless, I really tend to more regularity, in every category. Starting with more frequent blogging would be nice 😉

Just for eye pleasure: