Still stitching

There’s been good progress:

I transfered the top line and will be working on this tonight. Tomorrow we’ll help some friends who are moving, and sunday is father’s day and a late birthday for my FIL, so there won’t be a lot of stitching occasions. I just have to decide which movie I’ll watch now 🙂

Stitching frenzy

What a nice feeling to work on something without deadline, but an absolute urge to finish it without passing to other WIPs or start something new:-) These latter reactions often lead to a basket full of started items chez moi, but never there is a basketfull of finished ones.

The first row of letters is finished, and I’ve started the second one early in the morning, when everyone was still sleeping; I used the calm to transfer the patterns to the fabric and to start stitching, as I knew there wouldn’t be much time for it left in the day. Boxes were packed and moved, we transfered our bycicles to our new home, where we still have to make much more place for our belongings. Moving little by little into a house which we will share with my in-laws until their new home is finished is a task which causes a steady state of disorder over the time of several months, which is quite challenging…we have to sort out ten years of our life in our appartment, as for my parents-in-law, we talk about stuff they’ve been collecting for 40 years in their house…the dogma “it always can be used for something” proves very counterproductive to zen-like emptyness.

So I just keep stitching for decompressing.

For the letter “G”, I use the Bullion Stitch rather than the French Knot, as asked for, because the embroidery floss is thinner than the crewel wool, and this letter just in knots wouldn’t look important enough, I think:

Coup de foudre

Every once in a time, there is a project that I have to tackle most urgently, because I love it so much. When I read on this blog that this design would be available as a simple pdf and not only as a kit, the passion was immediate. There is some turquoise DMC floss I have been wanting to use since a very long time, and this ABC is just perfect for it.

The fabric is a light gray evenweave, which makes embroidering even curves a little bit tricky, as the threads are rather thick. I don’t want to stitch in the threads to get smooth borders, so I try to even it out in the best possible way; I don’t mind, anyway.



It was a great pleasure to chose the colours and dive into my large stash, reminiscent from my work in a shop which was all about cross stitch and knitting.


Nuances are matched as I go; I definitely do not like planning ahead, but rather lay out bobbins until it matches my liking and the eye agrees.